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InfobizCRM is a complete suite of Social Collaboration, Communication and Management tools for your organisation which offers CloudBusiness Management systems that bring efficiency & accountability in your business. Thus Customers Management system, Accounting Software, time Management for generating payroll, Software Development, Website Designing, Domain Transfer and other ICT related services.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Therefore, is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications and software designed to help businesses manage customer data and customer interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships



Put all Your Business Documents in One Place

Smart way to collaborate internally within an intranet

Jot down all your notes in one place

Collaborate with your Clients and Prospects in real time. Use 1 e-mail address for the entire team/organization (intranet System) will help you to control the flow of information.

Reminder Customers About An Appointment

Business Meetings Made Easier

Marketing & Sales

Close more deals effortless

Build a solid relationship with your clients and keep them coming back! You can track all of your clients data in one place and easily view clients’ important information, notes, events, invoices, orders, payments, balances due, etc.

Invoice the way you want to! Choose when, where and how your clients pay. Bill them with an emailed invoice, Create unlimited price lists, packages, quotes, and tags that can be emailed or printed.

Finally, easy-to-use bookkeeping! Easily understand your financial health with InfobizCRM’s easy to read charts and graphs. View a detailed breakdown of your income, expenses, and profit. Run a report to see your trial balance, category details, balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, category of accounts, profit/loss, and more.

Maintain all your Customer records on Cloud Space

Get rid of less productive Marketing & Sales Employees to minimize reliabilities for nothing.

Since InfobiCRM is cloud based, it caters to the needs of companies worldwide. Use any currency symbol, date formats, tax formats like VAT and GST, and any language for customer facing invoices, contracts, forms, etc.

Convert website visitors into customers

Technology is everywhere we look these days. Choosing which CRM products to use in our everyday lives is an important decision each and every person needs to take into consideration.

We believe that with the right CRM suite, you can drastically improve the quality of your business while still retaining your sanity.

Typically, CRM software is used in the enterprise, however many products scale to a business of any size.

  • Calendars
  • Document Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Records Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Integration with other tools

Plans & Pricing !!!

InfoBiz CRM1
InfoBiz CRM2 InfoBiz CRM3
$40/Month $100/Month $200/Month
24/7 support 24/7 support 24/7 support
Phone, Live Chat & Email Phone, Live Chat & Email Phone, Live Chat & Email
8 users 20 users Unlimited Users
Unlimited Contact Unlimited Contact Unlimited Contact
Unlimited Cloud Storage Hide(15GB) Please Unlimited Cloud Storage Hide(50GB) Please Unlimited Cloud Storage
Send SMS before meeting customer Send SMS before meeting customer Send SMS before meeting customer
5 Meetings SMS Units-for free 10 Meetings SMS Units-for free 15 Meetings SMS Units-for free
8 Email accounts 20 Email accounts Unlimited Email accounts
X Restrict Documents Restrict Documents
X Data Backup Data Backup
X X Theme Customisation
X X Restore Data from Backup
X X Synchronize Data offline

Comparison Chart !!!

InfoBiz CRM1
InfoBiz CRM2 InfoBiz CRM3
Supports 1-8 users Supports 8-20 users Unlimited Users
Add unlimited Contacts Add unlimited Contacts Add unlimited Contacts
Comes with Unlimited Storage Space Comes with Unlimited Storage Space Comes with Unlimited Storage Space
Plus 5 SMS units for free-send sms before Meeting clients and prospects. Plus 10 SMS units for free-send sms before Meeting clients and prospects. Plus 15 SMS units for free-send sms before Meeting clients and prospects.
Unlimited tasks and subtasks Unlimited tasks and subtasks Unlimited tasks and subtasks
Meetings and Briefings Plus 8 email user accounts. Meetings and Briefings Plus 20 email user accounts. Meetings and Briefings Plus Unlimited email user accounts.
X X Setup your own Logo
X Restrict Documents Restrict Documents
X Data Backup Data Backup
X X Theme Customisation
X X Restore Data from Backup
X X Synchronize Data offline

Other Paid For Services

Marketing Text Message Credits

  • 100 Texts for $7.6 ($0.076 per Text)
  • 500 Texts for $38 ($0.076 per Text)
  • 1000 Texts for $76 ($0.076 per Text)

No SMS credit you buy from us will ever expire. Credit remains active forever.

SMS credit will be added to your account instantly after making a payment.

Enable auto-recharge for credit purchases or get low-balance alerts via email.

How do you change users email and password?

You can change email and password by pressing an icon in the top left corner and choosing Manage Profile. If you want to change your employee’s name, you need to have the administrators right for the account. That can be done by selecting section Users and Rights in Settings menu. To edit user information, press on the pencil icon in their card.

How to split users of the account into groups?

You can create groups for users to differentiate their activity types. For example, create two groups where there will be sales reps selling two different products. When you separate their activities, they won’t be able to see each others group’s information.

What is user’s deactivation and how is it different from their deletion?

When the user is deactivated, they cannot access the account, but their access can be restored at any moment. When the user is deleted, they can only be restored by adding them again using email.

When you assign a lead to another user, will the assigned user change in contact and company too?

We’ve got three components to our system: lead, contact and company. When you change an assigned user, system will confirm whether you wish to change it in all other components.

Will the deleted user’s details disappear from the system?

No, deleted user’s details will be in the system, however all their clients and tasks will be unassigned. You need to re-assign all leads and contacts to another sales rep first, then delete a user.

Can I add or change user plans later on?

Yes, you can add plans for more people, reduce plans or change plans at any time.

Which plan do you recommend I subscribe to?

You get a lot of flexibility with the user plans. Choose the best plan based on your role and the needs of your team. For example, you can choose to start with trial and then upgrade later.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

We’re more than happy to answer any questions. Please fill out one of our contact forms or give us a call directly.

Am I billed monthly or annually?

You can choose between different billing periods. The billing periods are once a month, every 3 months, every 6 months or annually. The prices listed on our website are the prices for monthly payment.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial runs for 30 days from the day you signed-up . Ten days before the free trial is over, we’ll send you an email reminder to let you know that your free trial is about to end.

How do I delete a contact or a lead?

You need to check this contact in the list and press delete in the top menu. (if you have admin rights of course). Also you can delete contact or a lead in its actual card.

What symbol is used for tag separation?

For tag separation, please use a comma

Can the system monitor contact duplication?

Unfortunately, there is no such function available. However, when a sales rep adds a lead and enters clients’ details, system will show all existing contacts with such details. Sales rep will see all contacts depending on their user rights.

How do I find leads that are non-active?

You can track and monitor leads without tasks by going into sections: Leads without Tasks and Leads with Overdue Tasks.

Can I add several contacts to a lead?

Sure can, you can add a few contacts to a lead. There is an Add Contact button in Contacts section of every lead.

What is the file storage limit?

We have a file download limit of 100MB in our system

How do I change a currency?

You can change currency in Settings. Our System supports multi Currencies

Can I add one or more task types?

You can add new task type. When you create a task in contact or lead, chose Other.

Can I add new status to a lead?

Yes, you can. Press Settings in the right top corner of your account. You can add, modify and remove statuses here.

Who is the Assigned User?

Assigned user is the sales rep responsible for the lead. You can limit user’s rights as an administrator in account’s users section, for example, if you want a sales rep to only see their leads, you can set their rights as view If Responsible Only.

Can I attach a file to a task?

You cannot attach a file to a task, however you can add a link to a file while creating a task or attach a file to contacts card. To logically connect file to a task, give it a similar name.

Can I see clients who bought additional service in the contact list?

You can create custom fields in the clients’ card. Then, add a “flag” field in clients’ card and name it “additional service”. Tick it every time when you client buys an additional service. Then, to see the list of clients who bought additional service, you can filter your client list accordingly.

I pressed “Done” accidentally, how do I reverse it?

To open a task, you need to go to “Tasks” section, select “closed tasks” on the left, find the task in the list. Check it and click Open Task.

What is a task?

It is a reminder about meetings, calls, etc. You can set time and date, set a responsible user, and they’ll receive an email with a task. They’ll also receive a notification 5 minutes before the scheduled time. User who task is assigned to, will be able to see the reminder about the task by pressing on a bell in the bottom left.

What should I enter in the “account” field during registration?

Account name is the name of your profile or your company. Account address is a unique web address of the account that you’ve created, it will appear in the address line in front of

How to install CRM on a local server?

All you need to do is register and start using the system. There is no box version of our software (it is Cloud)

Can I create two or more accounts?

Yes, you can create or add yourself to multiple accounts, and use the same email to log in to all of them. You can be an admin in one account and a regular user in the other. To create new account, please go to and press “Sign Up Free” button.

What if admin access to account is lost or the admin has resigned?

Just send an email to us at on your company’s letterhead providing the details of the new admin person and will give them the admin rights.

Why can’t I see Settings button?

If you don’t see the Settings button, you are not an admin to this account(s).